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Digital Creative Journal – Landscape Only


This product is the Digital Version of the Creative Journal.

Designed for Goodnotes application and other PDF annotators also tested using PDF Reader by XODO for PC

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Designed for Goodnotes application and other PDF annotators also tested using PDF Reader by XODO for PC


The Digital Creative Planner has been carefully designed for creative people to maximize productivity, aid in achieving all the goals that they set for themselves, and ultimately in helping them find and understand why it is they do what they do and how they can use this concept to bring something to fruition.


This particularly planner has a creative yet functional design that is backed by a very extensive and smooth network of hyperlinks and buttons to make sure that the user experience is enjoyable.


What’s inside:

The Creative Journal has just over 100 pages to help Creatives organise:

  • Their ideas
  • Research more indepth of the idea
  • Noting the people/companies who inspire the creative ideas
  • The costs to create the creative idea
  • A place to record the suppliers
  • Understanding who the audience is who would benefit from the idea
  • A social media section to record where the creative would like to share their idea
  • A 12 month organiser with a yearly planner to schedule those important dates
  • A small section of worksheets and blank pages to help the creative uncover what it is they are passionate about, whether it is a product, art exhibition, or anything else that involves wanting people to see what they have created.

Please note:

This journal has a 3 year planner which allows you to navigate from each month tab to it’s own weekly schedule by month.  These hyperlinks cannot be adjusted as they are linked by 3 different groups – (Year 1 leads you to it’s own 12 month with weekly schedule hyperlinks, Year 2 has it’s own and also Year 3).


All pages allow you to duplicate however if you are wanting to duplicate the calendar pages please ensure you create your own group by duplicating a year planner first then include monthly pages.  You will need to create your own hyperlinks to enable your pages to work or simply re-download the Digital Creative Journal you have purchased to start fresh.


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